Computers have advanced quickly throughout my lifetime. When I first interacted with computers, they needed floppy disks to store information. They did not have the storage onboard to store information. Running multiple tasks was slow and using programs was cumbersome. These have all but disappeared. Computers now have an abundance of memory and storage. They can store all of the information from every library in the world on one hard drive. Missing information can be retrieved immediately from a server connected to the internet. So when determining intelligence from a computer, an abundance of information would be thrown out.

I worked for a few years in a public school system teaching classes. I volunteered to tutor students for standardized tests. These tests are written with an understanding of certain standards agreed upon by a governing body. If a computer would be given these tests, they could certainly learn all of the correct answers. Just knowing and spewing facts does not constitute intelligence. If a human were to just start listing a bunch of different facts, they would be known to have a good memory. This is not a test of intelligence.

Intelligence is when facts are combined with reasoning to describe an event or situation. My intelligence test would mimic the senses of a human being. Since intelligence was contrived by humans, it needs to be compared to humans. I would set it up like the Turning test with a human being judge and a computer competing against a human. Instead of having only one judge though, I would have a judge panel. I would model it off of the Supreme Court. There would be nine judges who would each have to select the more intelligent competitor. The competitors would each have to go through a series of tests.

The first test would be based off of the sense of sight. The competitors would be placed into similar rooms and asked to describe their surroundings. The human would be able to describe the room in detail instead of just listing facts that they see. With the increase in technology, a computer should be able to complete this task using a camera. The camera could detect colors and things it sees around the room. There are algorithms which are in use now that can tell the difference between faces in photographs. An intelligent computer would be able to describe its own surroundings.

The second test would be based off of the sense of hearing. Each competitor would then be played a series of sounds and have to describe what they hear. There are programs for computers that analyze sounds and can tell the user which song is playing. An intelligent computer should be able to describe the sounds that it hears.

The third test would be one using the sense of smell. This would be tricky for a computer as it would have to learn from the environment. There are some programs that can analyze scents but these need specialized computers. If a series of scents are sent to both competitors, a human would have a distinct advantage but this is a key test. An animal in the woods can detect changes in scent to detect danger. A computer would have to pass this test to be considered intelligent.

The fourth test is touch. There has been an explosion of biometric computers. This would make the next test able to be completed in the near future. A computer would have to know the difference between hot and cold. This is another key in an environmental test. If it is below freezing or above boiling temperatures, which may cause harm to a computer, a computer should know that it is in a harmful environment. Computers have been used to detect changes in the environment for years. For it to become intelligent, it needs to describe the environment based on what it feels whether it is temperature or shaking such as during an earthquake.

The fifth and final test would be a test of taste. This is again based on the intelligence of humans and animals. Animals have an inherent sense of security and if that is threatened by say, eating a piece of rotten meat, the animal would know. These are basic survival instincts. An intelligent being knows how to survive and communicate. An intelligent computer would need to be able to analyze the tastes of different items.

Basing an intelligence test on senses gives a complete picture on a contestant. This test would not be limited to just one subject and would not be limited by language. By describing scenarios, language would come into play as the judges would see a contestant that can use details correctly as more intelligent. Reasoning and communication should be the main factors when determining intelligence and this test would give the desired result. I don’t think a single computer would be able to complete the test currently. Individual computers may pass certain parts of the test, but in the near future as processing power increases and a computer is able to run multiple extensions, a computer will be able to pass this test.