For my next photography outing, I tried something different. My first two photography tests occurred outdoors on sunny days. This next shoot would occur inside of a dimly-lit building. I went with my father to a model train museum in Maryland. He has a large model train collection and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. I am fascinated with trains.

I do not have a flash for my Fuji X-T1 yet, so the light exposure is going to be boosted by the ISO setting of the camera. I intentionally went with a darker exposure and large aperture for these shots. I wanted a strong focal point to draw you into the detail that goes into model trains. Model trains have intricate designs imitating their full size inspiration.

I found that the lower light levels allowed me to really pop out the color it the photographs. The yellow accent color of the B&O model trains really makes the scene cinematic. Doing a wider shot of moving trains really lets the different color schemes of multiple equipment pieces stand out.

The yellow of the loaders contrasts well with the darker green of the landscape and the bland color of the building. The blur of the moving coal train creates an interesting focus effect in the foreground of the shot as well. Another example of the color difference can be seen in the photo of the model goats on the rock. The darker goats blend in with the rock quite well giving a feel of natural camouflage to the imitated scene of one of nature’s landscapes.