I have been putting my recently purchased Fuji X-T1 through a variety of tests. I have been mainly using a prime 35mm lens for portrait and street photography. So far, that camera and lens combination has worked very well. As a note, I am using the F/2 version of the lens that is weather resistant. Since I do a good bit of street photography, I was willing to sacrifice a bit of aperture for an extra tight seal inside of the lens.

To celebrate Independence Day, we decided to take a stroll to downtown Apex, North Carolina. I used this opportunity to test out a full street shot using the 35mm lens. I was mainly looking to see what type of focus near the edges I would be able to get shooting at a large aperture. The photo turned out very sharp considering the amount of movement that takes place during a parade. I had to use a fast shutter speed to reduce blur in the photograph.

To really put the shutter speed to the test, I took a few shots of fireworks going off in my backyard. These were not high powered fireworks but ones that shot out little pieces of sparks from a box on the ground. To capture sharpness with the speed of the sparks, I had to really crank up my shutter speed. Even in the dark, I believe the Fuji X-T1 produced an excellent photograph.