As a Computer Systems Technician Instructor at YTI Career Institute, I teach students real world skills that directly apply towards a career in a computer related field. I have listed a set of courses that create an ideal path towards becoming a computer systems technician.

Career Success Seminar

Entry-level course that demonstrates study/class preparation techniques as well as techniques for coping with the pressures of pursuing a higher education.

Computer Software Applications

Entry-level course which introduces students to the word processing, spread sheeting, and presentation software they will use throughout the remainder of their time at YTI.

PC Technology Fundamentals

A computer hardware course which introduces students to the individual components that make-up a standalone workstation.

Operating Systems I

A computer software course which introduces students to Microsoft Windows 7, Linux, and MAC OS. Students will learn how to perform basic administrative tasks in each one of these operating systems.

Written Technical Communication

A general education course which demonstrates writing techniques expected of IT professionals operating in the field.

Computer Mathematics

A general education course which introduces students to basic Algebra/Geometry/Trigonometry concepts that will assist them with programming classes and similar roles in the field.

Operating Systems II

A computer software course which introduces students to the Windows Server platform. This is the platform students will use most frequently as operators in the field.

Essentials of Networking

Introduces students to communications technology. Students will learn how computer systems communicate over small and large networks.

Web Page Fundamentals

Demonstrates techniques necessary for students to construct a simple web site.

Data Communications

This course builds on the material presented during Operating Systems I. Students will learn advanced administrative tasks in the Server platform.

Advanced Operating Systems

Focuses on the Linux and MAC OS operating systems. Students will learn advanced administrative tasks in each one of these operating systems.

Enhanced PC Technology

A computer hardware class which expands upon the material presented in PC Technology Fundamentals. Students will learn advanced hardware troubleshooting techniques.

Critical Thinking for the IT Technician

Focuses on the moral and ethical dilemmas presented to IT managers in the field. Students will learn techniques to identify the underlying issues which cause ethical dilemmas in the workplace for IT managers and how to address them.

Professional Development I/II

Professional Development demonstrates résumé writing and interviewing techniques to students.

Cisco Routing

A class which introduces students to vendor specific (CISCO) network communication equipment. Students will learn to configure the communication equipment that they are likely to encounter in the field as operators.

Internet/Intranet Connectivity

Advanced-level software class that focuses on the Server platform. Students will utilize the skills they’ve acquired in Operating Systems I and Data Communications to fully configure a standalone server.

Database Management

Students will learn how to design databases. Emphasis will be placed on the use of Microsoft Access to design such databases.

Fundamentals of Help Desk Support

Students will learn the techniques necessary to design and manage a help desk environment in the field.

Project Management

Culminating class where students will utilize their technical and soft skills acquired at YTI to manage a team-based project. Additionally, the fundamental theories and best practices of project management will be presented.