Computers have always fascinated me. In my youth, I was driven to figure out how to make programs and games run from the old DOS interface my first computer used as an operating system. In school, I was given the classroom duty of troubleshooting software and assisting others while they used computers in class. This led me to begin learning programming as a teenager on an old Gateway computer in my parent’s kitchen. As I became more proficient, I was driven to learn as many programming languages and techniques as I could.

In college, I kept that drive to learn programming and help others learn. With this, I was able to graduate with dual bachelor’s degrees in education and math, science, and technology. I went out into the field to get some life experience and have decided to return to school. I am going to earn a master’s degree in computer science. I have set up this site so that I can publish my thoughts on computer science and the technological world. I hope to collaborate and learn with others so please contact me with any ideas or questions.